What are we

NoEsUtopía comes from the hand of Maximma MCI, company specializing in strategic marketing for hotels and tourism businesses, soon implement su X Anniversary.

The first line in the tourism industry, has been teaching us over more than twenty years of professional experience- benefits generated by the industry in the towns and in the society where developing, but we have learned the negative impacts that an overgrowth, poor planning and lack of sustainability occurs on the fragile balance between the environment and human development. Positive and negative effects in short-fingerprint-, reflected in the evolution of the companies themselves and their human environment, cultural and natural.

The result of this concern, and after having traveled countless destinations in Europe, America, Asia and Africa and expand our training Sustainable Tourism, decided to embark on an exciting adventure: To collaborate through our work, delusion, knowledge and experience to companies and organizations that develop authentic tourism sustainability policies in the three areas: economic, social and environmental.

Why sustainable tourism is not a Utopia, is an exciting challenge that we can all join our efforts and our will to achieve tourism development more humane but also more profitable, natural and cultural heritage best preserved and ultimately, a better society.

Change the world, Friend Sancho, is not crazy or utopia, but righteousness.

Miguel de Cervantes
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